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Timm’s silver sulfide method has hitherto been considered a very sensitive technique for demonstrating metal ions, particularly zinc, in the central nervous system. The principle of this technique is that the metals in the tissue can be histochemically transformed into metal sulphides. Subsequently, metal sulfides catalyze the reduction of silver ions by a reducing agent to metal grains that are visible under an optical or electron microscope.

Studies using this technique have provided a better understanding of not only the location and distribution of zinc, but also its possible role in the brain. However, the reliability and complexity of Timm’s silver sulfide staining have been major obstacles to the widespread application of this technique.

The FD Rapid TimmStain Kit is designed according to the methods described by Haug and Sloviter. The reagents and procedure of the FD Rapid TimmStain ™ Kit have been optimized to achieve a high degree of specificity and sensitivity for the demonstration of metal ions, especially zinc, in the brain of experimental animals. The kit can be used with frozen and paraffin sections.

Kit contents:

  • Part 1: (Store at 4 ° C)
  • Perfuse A, 500 ml
  • Perfused B, 500 ml
  • Part 2: (Store at -20 ° C)
  • Solution A, 220 ml
  • Solution B, 200 ml
  • Solution C, 200 ml
  • Solution D, 3 ml
  • Plastic Tweezers (1)
  • User manual

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