GBI – Genera Biosystems Ltd.

Advanced Molecular Diagnostic Systems – Multiplex qPCR


Our goal is to increase the pace of commercialization of our existing AmpaSand molecular diagnostic test menu, apply our multiplexing technology to other infectious diseases, and rapidly expand our product offering using the latest in molecular diagnostic instrumentation technologies and platforms.

We currently have collaborations with research institutes, commercial pathology laboratories, and hospitals around the world. Several of our collaborating research institutes have well-annotated clinical sample banks, providing us with additional opportunities to validate new DNA/RNA or other biomarkers to further explore the effective development of personalized medicine.

The involvement of our collaborating partners means a focus on the development of new and commercially relevant AmpaSand molecular diagnostics and a rapid process of commercialization. Expansion into foreign markets is facilitated by our ability to validate our products on a variety of molecular diagnostic instrumentation technologies and platforms.

New clinical studies

We believe that well-designed clinical studies with well-stored and archived samples provide the optimal data for the development of our new products. We are currently participating in two major clinical studies and remain open to further collaborations.